Individual Consultation Requests

Psychopharmacology Consulting for Spiritual Drug Experience

Service Overview

Thanks for your interest in consulting with me and I hope that I can be of service to you. This service is for persons that are seeking an individualized informational risk evaluation of medical or psychiatric illness as well as medications or supplements they are taking when considering use of psychedelic drugs. If you are seeking drug information that is not specific to an individual’s situation then you may be better served by using the Drug Information Request service. My consultation services are designed to provide information that can minimize risks and maximize benefits associated with psychedelic use. For further rationale of why this service may be of benefit please see the ‘Why Consultation?” page. For more information about myself and qualifications to perform consultation please see my Bio and Curriculum Vitae.

What Services Are Available?

  • Initial consultations

  • Follow-up consultations

What is the process of requesting consultation services?

  • Complete a client consultation intake form by using one of the buttons below. If you have never had a consultation with me previously, please use the ‘New Client Consultation Intake’ whereas if we have spoken previously use the ‘Follow-Up Client Consultation’

  • The form will collect your preferred method for consultation contact, ask information about medical and psychiatric history, and current use of medications/supplements. Forms are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

  • Once your client consultation form is received, you will receive an automated email. In this email, you will find a link to confirm your appointment by scheduling it on my calendar and submitting payment (PayPal).

  • Upon finding an agreeable date and time of consultation, you will submit your payment to confirm reservation of your consultation

Pricing & Description of Services

Initial Consultation: $199

  • Required for first time consultation

  • Includes review of intake form, up to 60 minutes of conversation, informational summary or call notes, and any time to perform drug information research prior to or after the conversation

  • Minor questions or clarifications can usually be offered after consultation if necessary, although several new questions or questions unrelated to original consultation content will be recommended to use the follow-up consultation

Follow-up Consultation Services: 100-180$

  • For individuals desiring ongoing consultation services - MUST have completed an initial consultation

  • 30 minutes 100$

  • 60 minutes 180$

What CAN consultation provide?

  • An informational risk evaluation of current medications, health status, and potential interactions with psychedelic drugs as well as strategies to decrease risks associated with psychedelic drug use

  • Information for safe use of selected psychedelic drugs including set, setting, dosing, and tips for optimal experience

  • Information on how to safely taper psychotropic medications*

*It is recommended to not stop or taper off medication without oversight from your prescribing medical provider

What does consultation NOT provide?

  • A recommendation or endorsement to use illicit psychedelic drugs

  • A medical clearance to use psychedelic drugs

  • Prescribing of medication to taper off of medications

  • Guarantee of safety or positive outcome in the circumstance you choose to use psychedelic drugs

Terms and Conditions of Consultation

How is information kept secure?

  • Form submission is completed via a HIPAA protected and encrypted form. The information you submit is confidential and will not be used to join email lists or given to any 3rd party

  • Consultation correspondences are sent from an encrypted email. Having responses sent to an encrypted email address (end to end encryption) adds additional security to information transferred.

  • Completion of consultation via Signal call or other encrypted application adds additional security to conversation.

  • Encrypted communications are not required, but are preferable


Due to the illicit nature of many psychedelic drugs in many world jurisdictions as as well as the desire to preserve lawful integrity of this service, there are elements of this consultation service you should clearly understand

  • I recommend that you do not use illicit drugs or perform any other unlawful acts

  • Information on this website and information delivered through consultations is meant for educational purposes and not meant to advocate or promote the use of any illegal substance or act

  • I will not tell you where or how to find or procure illicit psychedelics

Any requests that violate the elements of consultation services outlined in the disclaimer will be denied.