Drug Information Requests

Psychopharmacology Consulting for Spiritual Drug Experience

Service Overview

Compared with individual consultations, this service is intended to be used when seeking general information about psychedelics. Responses are generally written and delivered via email, opposed to individual consultation which is conducted over the phone and allows for conversational exchange of information and asking several questions about varying topics. For example, "what are risks of combining SSRIs with ayahuasca?" is a general question whereas "A 35 y/o female with a history of anxiety, depression and alcohol use; has been sober for 4 months, is currently taking escitalopram 10mg, she decreased from 20mg last week - what psychedelics could she try now?” Drug information requests that are obviously tailored to an individual's situation will be referred to the individual consultation process.

Tips for Drug Information Requests

  • Great service for one or two quick or general questions; although feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like

  • Frame drug information requests generally, rather than to an individual’s situation

  • Be as specific as possible in your drug information request:

    • You are likely to get a more satisfactory response if asking "what are the risks of combining drugs that lower blood pressure with ayahuasca?" compared with "tell me about blood pressure and ayahuasca". The question answered in the request will be the one(s) you ask, so please give considerable thought to the exact information you need

What is the process of requesting these services?

  • Complete the Drug Information Request form by clicking the link above. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of consultation as well as submit a retainer fee of $60 with the form

  • Your form will be reviewed and request clarified further if necessary

  • Upon delivery of the drug information requested, you will receive a final invoice. If your request can be completed in 20 minutes or less, you will not owe any additional charge

  • Drug information requests will be attempted to be responded to within one week


Drug Information Request Services: $60 for first 20 minutes - $180/hr thereafter

  • Invoices for general consultation services will be prepared based on time to review any materials submitted by the Client requesting information, conduct research or literary reviews necessary to adequately answer Client questions, as well as time to communicate answer. The minimum service charge is $60 regardless of time taken. In most cases an estimate of time needed for completion can be provided, although final invoice may differ from estimate

Terms & Conditions for Drug Information Requests

You may find a copy of the terms and conditions agreement for consultation here. You will need to agree to these terms during drug information form submission to proceed with your drug information request.

How is information kept secure?

  • Form submission is completed via an encrypted form. The information you submit is confidential and will not be used to join email lists or given to any 3rd party

  • Drug information responses are sent from an encrypted email. Having responses sent to an encrypted email address (end to end encryption) adds additional security to information transferred