What is Spiritual Pharmacy?

Spiritual pharmacy is the science and application of psychedelic drugs that are capable of eliciting spiritual experiences with potentially profound psychological impact in order to minimize risks and maximize benefits associated with use

Spirituality has long been recognized as an important component of human health and psychedelic sacraments have been used in spiritual ritual for millennia, although spirituality and science have existed in a dualistic paradigm with miscibility similar to that of oil and water. Recently there has been a growing interest in the scientific study of spiritual phenomena and how spiritual experience relates to other domains of health. This is now possible due to a few key factors such as progression in technology for studying brain phenomena such as neuroimaging as well the ability to reproduce profound (and previously elusive) spiritual experiences under clinical laboratory conditions with the use of psychedelic drugs. The past two decades have brought about significant advances in our scientific understanding of spirituality and we’re beginning to recognize the biological underpinnings of spiritual experience as well as how it can be pharmacologically targeted for clinical benefit. Basic science and clinical evidence are building that suggest psychedelic drugs influence human beings spiritually and that this influence is capable of long-lasting positive benefits across multiple health domains. However, psychedelic drugs are not risk free nor a panacea for illness and may have considerable risks when used inappropriately or in the wrong persons. To incorporate psychedelic drugs broadly into modern societies in ways that foster safe and effective use, I propose that a new facet or specialty in pharmacy will be necessary, namely spiritual pharmacy: