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Microdosing: Applications, Medications, and Risks

Explore what's known and what's not when it comes to microdosing psychedelics

Microdosing or the practice of taking very low doses of psychedelics on a regular basis, has become popular and touted to help in a variety of situations including improvements in mental health or as a tool to help taper psychiatric medications. But is it true?

Can microdosing improve mood, reduce anxiety, as well as help persons taper antidepressants or other medications?

Some survey research has reported seemingly remarkable results, while many clinical trials have failed to demonstrate significant benefits. The jury is largely still out on microdosing as the evidence base is young and evolving, yet it’s fair to say that at this point we have enough data to conclude that microdosing is no ‘placebo’.

So what is it? What do we know? And what is still to be discovered?

In this workshop we’ll explore the current state of evidence regarding microdosing and the plausibility of microdosing practices to aid in tapering psychiatric medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

The official objectives are to:

  • Define microdosing, how it could work, popular current regimens, and potential applications
  • Compare and contrast microdosing to use of SSRIs and discuss if microdosing could help persons taper antidepressants
  • List reported side effects of microdosing and outline theoretical risks associated with chronic and long-term use of psychedelics
  • Summarize existing clinical research as it relates to microdosing

To be honest, I’ve been largely silent on the practice of microdosing, precisely because there really hasn’t been a whole lot to report. At this juncture, I feel the amount of studies available really merit a comprehensive discussion and it’s important to consider both what is known as well as what’s speculated about microdosing to help persons make the most informed decisions they can for the time being.


Workshop Logistics

  • The workshop will consist of ~90min of lecture followed by ~30min of case review and audience Q&A
  • Access to a webpage with a copy of the recording and PDF slides for download are included in registration 


This webinar is for information and educational purposes only. It is not meant to condone or encourage the use of illicit substances. The information presented is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. It is recommended you follow laws applicable to your jurisdiction.