$200.00 USD

Consultant Coaching

Are you ready to create your online niche practice that is flexible to your lifestyle and puts your knowledge to work for patients or providers in the ways you're most passionate about?

Do you want to learn how to bring your expertise and training as a pharmacist to improve the safety and benefits of psychedelic use as they're reintroduced to society?


Meet with Dr. Ben Malcolm, PharmD, MPH to discuss anything you'd like to know regarding setting up an consulting practice, keys to marketing success as a pharmacy entrepreneur, and mentorship on creating a sustainable, rewarding, and flexible career path 


What's Included

An hour conversation with Dr. Ben Malcolm to discuss any aspect of being a pharmacy consultant, working in the psychedelic renaissance, setting up a website and digital practice, or creating and hosting online education.

Initial meetings are typically about getting to know you, answering any questions you have, and formulating what your goals are. From there, we can meet on an as needed or structured basis, set goals, and monitor progress. I will also provide relevant resources I have when applicable.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Persons may cancel their coaching session >24 hours ahead of time and receive a refund. Persons may also reschedule coaching sessions >24 hours ahead of time without penalty. Refunds are not able to be issued for short notice cancellations or rescheduling requests (< 24 hours) or missed sessions. Spirit Pharmacist LLC is willing to consider flexibility and exercising compassion in reinforcement of policies if extenuating or emergency circumstances arise.