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Psychedelic Screening Essentials

Safe facilitation of psychedelic experiences begins with a systematic intake and screening process. A good intake process will reduce risks associated with psychedelic use, prevent adverse effects from occurring, and increase the odds of a beneficial outcome.

I have been involved in screening persons interested in psychedelic experiences via my consulting practice for several years. I’ve assisted retreat centers in designing effective screening procedures and support facilitators or providers of psychedelics in helping gauge risks of use in persons with different illnesses and medication regimens.

In short, I care about this area a lot and specialize in it! I thought it would be helpful for persons involved in facilitating experiences to put together a webinar workshop where we can:

  • Discuss elements of intake forms and screening interviews
  • List elements that may be helpful in holistically considering risks of psychedelic use
  • Define conditions that are typically excluded from clinical trials that may be considered red flags or contraindications to psychedelic use
  • Review case example intake forms and discuss their contents

The webinar consists of approximately an hour of lecture, short break, then intake form case reviews and discussion. Registration includes access to a web page with the webinar recording as well as downloadable resources (e.g. slides). 

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This webinar is for information and educational purposes only. It is not meant to condone or encourage the use of illicit substances. The information presented is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. It is recommended you follow laws applicable to your jurisdiction.