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Foundation to Psychedelic Pharmacology


Welcome to theĀ  Psychedelic Psychopharmacology Master SeriesĀ 

Why the Psychedelic Psychopharmacology Master Series? 


It took me over a decade of formal education, post-graduate training, research conducted independently, and working as an academician to gain the knowledge, experience, and skills I needed to construct the educational materials I present in the Psychedelic Psychopharmacology Master Series.


I had to seek information from a patchwork of places over a long period of time and essentially embark on a circuitous educational journey to get to where I am now.


Psychedelic research has exploded and we will need a fully functioning fleet of educated professionals to safely implement and harness the tremendous therapeutic potential of these substances and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. 


I sincerely believe that I could have learned what I know now about psychedelics in a much shorter period of time if I had the materials I compiled for the psychedelic pharmacology master series.


My aim is to catalyze your foundation for understanding psychedelic science by laying the educational bedrock for cultures focused on safe psychedelic use.


The Psychedelic Pharmacology Master Series helps learners all over the world grow into the roles they are destined to play in the psychedelic renaissance at an accelerated rate. 


"As aĀ Psychopharmacology Consultant and Psychedelic EducatorĀ IĀ aim to create the highest quality educational materials advocating for safe, beneficial, and empowered use of Psychedelic TherapiesĀ - Dr. Ben Malcolm

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Course Modules &  Learning Objectives

Master Series I - Foundation to Psychedelic Pharmacology

Pharmacodynamics & Receptor Theory

  • Describe basic theory of drug action
  • Identify ‘primary’ psychedelic receptor
  • Discuss other receptors influenced by psychedelics
  • Explain functional selectivity and receptor trafficking

Pharmacokinetics and ADME

  • Describe the field of Pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • Explain how factors relating to ADME impact drug actions
  • Define bioavailability, first-pass effect, route of administration, and half-life
  • Illustrate how ADME relates to psychedelic substances using examples
  • Calculate time to elimination given a drug’s half-life


  • Describe categorization of the human nervous system
  • Summarize functional anatomy of various components of the human nervous system
  • Explain how the nervous system integrates with its environment

Neuropharmacology I - Introduction to Monoamines

  • Describe function and classification of neurons and other CNS cells
  • Define a neurotransmitter and how it relays its chemical message
  • Summarize neurotransmitter synthesis, storage, release, degradation/reuptake, and broad actions of common neurotransmitters
  • Discuss neurotransmission of NE, DA, and ACh

Neuropharmacology II - Serotonin

  • Introduce the neuroanatomy and functional role(s) of serotonin
  • Describe the neuropharmacology of serotonin including synthesis, neurotransmission, and serotonergic drugs

Neuropharmacology III - Glutamate, GABA, and Opioids

  • Describe neuroplastic mechanisms such as LTP and LTD mediated by glutamate
  • Discuss balance of glutamate and GABA signaling
  • Summarize opioid receptors and drugs known to bind them


  • Define phenethylamines and explore their pharmacology
  • Discuss mechanisms in which phenethylamine substances exert their effects
  • Compare characteristics of various phenethylamines to MDMA
  • Summarize addictive risks of phenethylamines


  • Define tryptamines and explore their pharmacology
  • Discuss mechanisms in which tryptamine substances exert their effects
  • Compare characteristics of selected tryptamines: DMT, psilocybin, LSD and 5-MeO-DMT

Psychedelic Neuroscience

  • Define the default mode network (DMN)
  • Discuss the influence of psychedelic substances on DMN activity
  • Correlate neurobiologic changes with subjective phenomenology and drug pharmacology
  • Summarize current neuroscientific models of psychedelic drug action

Three knowledge assessments with over 50 questions to test your knowledge retention to materials in the Foundation to Psychedelic Pharmacology

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