Are you ready to create your online niche practice that is flexible to your lifestyle and puts your knowledge to work for patients or providers in the ways you're most passionate about?


Do you want to learn how to bring your expertise and training as a pharmacist to improve the safety and benefits of psychedelic use as they're reintroduced to society?


Meet with Dr. Ben Malcolm, PharmD, MPH to discuss anything you'd like to know regarding how he set up his consulting practice, keys to marketing success as a pharmacy entrepreneur, and general advice on creating a sustainable, profitable, and flexible career path. 

Why Consultant Coaching?


I was tired and burnt out with traditional pharmacy and academician life. After obtaining the dual masters in public health and doctorate of pharmacy degree in 4 years, completed 2 years of post-graduate residency, and working as a professor for almost 5 years I felt like there was no end to the projects and deadlines. 

Moreover, I was becoming jaded with the healthcare system and traditional psychiatry. Hospital administrators that pushed to cut corners at the expense of patient safety, unreachable psychiatrists that assessed patients while asleep and were gone before sunrise, a constant onslaught of drug representatives pedaling a free lunch for formulary position, professional organizations functioning as industry shills. It was absolutely sick and not something I could morally participate in anymore. 

I'd always been passionate about psychedelics, new data was accumulating fast, I'd honed my skills as an educator and clinician, and was yearning for a way to put it all together. A way that I could create a sustainable, profitable, and flexible living that served the world. A way that allowed me to be treated as a true professional or person that gets paid for their knowledge, expertise, and time. A way that would permit discussing all the options with patients instead of practicing medicine with one hand tied behind my back and gag orders on psychedelics. 

So I got to work. There was quite a bit of trial and error. I built my first website and moonlighted a little, started growing an audience, and built a name in my niche for a few years before quitting academia. The site worked for consulting, but was clunky, couldn't host courses, and required several programs to 'talk' to each other to keep it all running. I re-built my website using a platform that streamlined webpage hosting, provided a course platform, and had in-house email marketing features. Eventually I got my formula and offerings polished. It wasn't like jumping off a cliff at that point, but it was like stepping off a curb. 

It took about 18 months to surpass the salary I had in academia including the additional income I needed to cover the employer benefits like health insurance or matching retirement contributions. I'm now almost 3 years into my journey as a full time digital pharmapreneur and can say that I have found a more freedom, work-life balance, and financial success than I've ever had before. Another big change is the level of appreciation and gratitude I receive from the persons that I help, they're truly thankful a pharmacist exists this way. 

Other pharmacists have noticed and are getting really curious. My inbox is increasingly filled with pharmacists reaching out, expressing similar frustrations with healthcare I encountered, and wanting to learn from me as to how I got to the position I'm in. I don't claim to be the world's most successful online entrepreneur or executive digital marketing coach. But I'm confident that I can provide solid mentorship that allows other pharmacists to follow a similar path as mine.

I'm ready to help coach persons through several aspects of creating a niche online pharmacy practice or putting their knowledge and skills to work in the psychedelic renaissance. If you're ready to join me and put your passions into practice, I'm here for you.

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