Are Psychedelic Therapies

the Next Step In Your Healing Journey?



Psychopharmacology Consulting for Spiritual Drug Experience

This service is for persons that are seeking an individualized informational risk evaluation of medical or psychiatric illness, as well as medications or supplements they are taking, when considering use of psychedelic drugs.


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Why Individual Consultation?


As psychedelic therapies rapidly emerge as evidence-based alternatives for managing mental health conditions traditionally treated with psychiatric pharmaceuticals, many persons will be interested in learning if psychedelics could be helpful for their situation 


While psychedelics are safe under optimal circumstances, they can be unsafe in others. Use in unsafe circumstances can lead to short or long-term damage, which is not unlike any other drug, medicine, or sacrament. 


It is truly unfortunate and a disservice to humanity that psychedelics remain illegal in many jurisdictions of the world, which increases risk due to inadequate support or information needed for safe use.


Some psychiatric pharmaceuticals, amongst other medications, are known to introduce risks or decrease benefits when used in conjunction with psychedelic therapies


Facilitators of psychedelic experiences may not be equipped with adequate skills to interface between existing drug regimens and psychedelics. Moreover, traditional providers may not have adequate knowledge of psychedelics to appropriately gauge risks or benefits


I'm fully dedicated to helping persons understand how their medications may interact with psychedelics and what strategies may be used to increase safety and optimize benefits


The bottom line is that if you are taking medications or have existing illnesses and would like a professional informational consultation regarding risks, benefits, and management strategies regarding psychedelic use then I offer myself in service of safety.

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  • Up to 1 hour video conference
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"As a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist I aim to optimize medication efficacy and safety, while empowering your autonomy in choosing the therapies best suited for you" - Dr. Ben Malcolm

What is the process of requesting consultation services?

  • Submit payment by clicking 'Book Now'

  • After payment you will be taken to a booking page

  • Once you have booked, complete the consultation intake form

  • The form will collect information about medical and psychiatric history, and current use of medications/supplements. Forms are encrypted for privacy and security

  • You're all set! See you in your consultation

Pricing & Description of Services

Consultation Fee: $300

  • Includes review of intake form, up to 60 minutes of conversation, informational summary or call notes, and any time to perform drug information research prior to or after the conversation

  • Minor questions or clarifications can usually be offered after consultation if necessary, although several new questions or questions unrelated to original consultation content will be recommended to use the follow-up consultation

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