Consultation Requests

Psychopharmacology Consulting for Spiritual Drug Experiences


What Services Are Available?

  • Individual consultations

  • Group consultations (for facilitators only)

  • Drug information requests

  • Presentations, lectures, & seminars


Thanks for your interest in consulting with me and I hope that I can be of service to you. Please familiarize yourself with the information below prior to making a consultation request.

Psychedelics can provide powerful spiritual and healing experiences when used appropriately. However, when combined with certain medications or used inappropriately, poor outcomes involving physical or psychological damage is possible. My consultation services are designed to minimize risks and maximize benefits associated with psychedelic use for a variety of different needs. For further rationale of why this service may be of benefit please see the ‘Why Consultation?” page.

Due to the illicit nature of many psychedelic drugs in many world jurisdictions as as well as the desire to preserve lawful integrity of this service, I do not recommend that you use illicit psychedelic drugs, tell you where or how to find or procure illicit psychedelics, or provide consultation for psychedelic use when intended to be used in jurisdictions where they are not legal. Any requests of this nature will be denied.

What can consultation provide?

  • A discussion and risk evaluation of current medications, health status, and potential interactions with psychedelic drugs

  • An individualized strategy to decrease risks associated with psychedelic drug use

  • Counseling for safe use of selected psychedelic drugs including set, setting, dosing, and tips for optimal experience

  • A plan to safely taper current psychotropic medication*

What does consultation not provide?

  • A recommendation or endorsement to use psychedelic drugs

  • A medical clearance to use psychedelic drugs

  • Prescribing of medication to taper off of current medications

  • Guarantee of safety or positive outcome in the circumstance you choose to use psychedelic drugs

  • Referral to a place where you can obtain psychedelic drugs illicitly**

*Taper of medication should not be attempted without oversight from your prescribing medical provider

**Referral may be possible if hoping to find information on where to enroll in a clinical trial or a jurisdiction of the world where psychedelic drugs are legal

What is the process of requesting consultation services?

  • Send an email to with the subject heading ‘consultation request’. Please include a brief introduction to yourself and the nature of your request

  • If your request is being considered, you’ll be provided an intake form for completion. The intake form will gather further information needed to provide you the best and most comprehensive consultation possible. Please be truthful and complete the form to the best detail you can

  • Upon receipt of your complete intake form, you will be informed as to whether I can be of service and contacted with possible dates and times for consultation

  • End to end encrypted communications such as via Protonmail accounts or Signal messaging apps are encouraged but not required


Initial Individual Consultation: $225

  • Includes review of intake form, up to 60 minutes of conversation, written summary of notes from conversation, time to perform any needed drug information research prior to or after the conversation

  • Quick or small follow-up questions can be provided with this service, longer follow-ups or multiple questions will result in recommendation for a follow-up consultation

Individual Follow-Up: 30 min - 75$ ; 60 min - $125

  • Includes check-in and adjustment of initial plan, especially useful if undergoing taper processes and need re-evaluation

Group Consultation: Rates negotiable

  • For facilitators of legal psychedelic experiences (e.g. in jurisdictions that psychedelic are legal)

  • Example: You are planning on organizing or leading a retreat and would like someone to thoroughly screen medication and illnesses prior to allowing them to join your retreat

  • Rates negotiable based on number of participants, complexity of participants, and level of involvement requested (e.g. talk with each individual vs. provide facilitator with summary based on intake form data only)

Drug Information Requests: $150/hr

  • For general queries that do not involve individuals:

    • Example 1: What are the mechanisms of drug interaction between antidepressants and MDMA?

    • Example 2: How does ayahuasca effect blood pressure?

  • Invoice will be prepared based on time to research question as well as time to write or communicate answer. The minimum charge for this service is $50 even if your question takes less than 5 minutes to answer. A time estimate for completion can be provided, although final invoice may differ from estimate

Presentations, Lectures, & Seminars: Rates negotiable

  • Rates negotiated based on audience, length of time requested to speak, topic (some may require more preparation than others), venue, profitability for organizer (e.g. charity work vs. for-profit educational seminar), and need for travel